Murder Trial Looms for Suspect in Tragic Stabbing of Beloved 'Babs

A potential murder trial looms for a suspect who may face proceedings next year following the tragic stabbing of a man described as having an exceptionally generous spirit.


Matthew Horton, affectionately known as "Babs," lost his life in a harrowing incident that prompted the police to respond to a disturbance at a residential complex on Sefton View in Litherland, late in the evening on Tuesday, September 5. Despite the valiant efforts of emergency services personnel who administered CPR, the 32-year-old succumbed to his injuries at the scene.


In a court appearance today at Liverpool Crown Court, Liam Thomas, a 25-year-old resident of Woodend Avenue in Crosby, stood accused of murder and carrying a bladed weapon in a public area. Dressed in a dark grey t-shirt, sporting short, dark hair, and a light stubble, Thomas spoke solely to confirm his identity and birthdate, refraining from entering any pleas.


However, a tentative trial date has been set for February 26, 2024, with expectations that the legal proceedings will extend over a two-week period. Presiding over the case, Judge David Aubrey KC remanded Thomas into custody, with Thomas offering a thumbs-up and words of comfort to family members in the public gallery as he was escorted to the holding cells.


The family of the late Mr. Horton also paid tribute to him in a heartfelt statement, recalling his boundless compassion and his ability to touch the lives of everyone he encountered. Their statement read, "He had the biggest of hearts and his love was widespread and appreciated by so many people who had ever met him. He had a great presence and the brightest of smiles; his sense of humor was infectious."


The statement continued, "His love for music could be heard all around Crosby. He loved to walk the miles he did every day to see everyone. His aura and his joy could light up any room and uplift everyone who came into his presence. He gave the best hugs. He is deeply loved and will be sorely missed. He's been taken from our presence, but he will forever be treasured in our hearts and our memories."


The family expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of love and support from friends and relatives, concluding with a touching note about Mr. Horton's legacy: "Your beautiful babies will shine though; we will protect them forever, and you will live through them."


It was also noted that a 31-year-old woman from Litherland had previously been apprehended on suspicion of murder and was subsequently released on bail.


Residents of the area awoke the following morning to discover a police cordon encircling their residences, as a portion of Moss Lane, near School Lane, was cordoned off. The cordon encompassed one of the entrances to English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, where parents were observed capturing images of their children on their first day of school, just a few feet from where investigative activities were taking place.