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    28 June 24

    House Buyers lose average of £47,000 to fraud

    Lloyds bank has issued a warning to home buyers following a surge in conveyancing scams that cost victims up to £250,000 each, last year.


    According to the lender, victims suffered an average loss of £47,000 due to conveyancing scams, where fraudsters gain access to corporate accounts. The incidents rose by 29% in the six months leading to December, with nearly half of those affected under the age of 39, highlighting heightened risks among first-time buyers.


    The average loss of £47,000 was significantly higher compared to other types of fraud, such a...

    31 May 24

    Sister Files Lawsuit Against Brother Over Late Mother's £500k Estate

    A sister is suing her brother, whom she dubbed a "sicknote," after their mother left him her entire £500,000 fortune, a court heard. Carol Scott, 77, left home at 19 to build a career and family, while her brother, John Jones, 75, lived with their mother, Muriel Jones, his entire life until her death in April 2017. Muriel resided close to all her children in Surrey until 2012, when she moved to rural Wiltshire with Mr. Jones and his wife, Bronwen. Subsequently, she drafted a new will, leaving everything to Mr. Jones, a retired builder, and excluding the rest of the family entirely.



    30 April 24

    Possible 'Suicide by Cop' Motive for Mersey Gunman, Investigators Suggest

    During a court hearing, it was suggested that the gunman who fired an AK47-style firearm in various locations across Merseyside might have been seeking "suicide by cop." Leslie Garrett, aged 49, caused widespread panic in Liverpool in January by firing the weapon at several places around the city. Although no injuries were reported, parts of the city were placed under lockdown as Garrett, a former security guard, carried out his actions.


    Garrett, who has admitted to several firearms offenses, was scheduled to be sentenced, but the hearing was postponed after a psychiatric report hint...

    31 March 24

    Halifax Introduces Mortgage Loan Age Cap at 70 Years

    Halifax has introduced a new measure imposing a maximum age limit of 70 for homebuyers, signalling a shift towards more cautious mortgage lending practices. This move entails a reduction in the maximum age at which borrowers can indicate their retirement intentions from 75 to 70, effectively disqualifying individuals above this threshold from securing loans. The adjustment has the potential to compel numerous borrowers to shorten the duration of their mortgage terms in the future, consequently leading to higher monthly mortgage payments.


    The impact of this change is expected to be particularly...

    29 February 24

    Mortgage Expert Offers Guidance for Those Considering Remortgaging Following Largest Decline Since 2022

    A mortgage expert has offered advice to individuals considering remortgaging as millions of fixed-rate deals approach their end this year. The guidance coincides with positive news for homeowners, with mortgage rates experiencing the most significant decline since 2022.


    According to a financial information website, the average two-year fixed mortgage rate on the market saw its largest month-on-month drop since December 2022 in February. At the beginning of February 2024, the average rate stood at 5.56 percent, down from 5.93 percent at the start of January this year, across all deposit sizes.<...

    31 January 24

    Unprecedented Year Sees Homes in Liverpool Selling for Thousands Above Asking Price

    “Despite a slowdown in sales, residential properties in Liverpool continue to fetch tens of thousands above their guide prices, maintaining a consistent demand, as observed by Cathy Holt, Associate Director at Sutton Kersh.


    Sutton Kersh concluded its final auction of the year on December 7, with over £7,000,000 worth of properties successfully sold. In total, the Liverpool-based auction house has facilitated the sale of more than 500 properties throughout the year, amounting to nearly £60,000,000 across their seven auctions.


    Reflecting on the unique...

    29 December 23

    Millionaire Inventor's £5.4m Estate Sparks Dispute Among Nine Children

    The offspring of the late millionaire inventor, aviator, and business magnate, Dr. Jack Leonard, find themselves embroiled in a legal dispute over his £5.4 million estate. Dr. Leonard, an accomplished engineer renowned for developing an early foetal heart rate monitor, successfully ventured into business and pursued helicopter pilot training. His dynamic life included two marriages, with four children from his first union and a close relationship with the family of his second wife, whom he flew to meet in his helicopter on their first date.


    Upon Dr. Leonard's passing in 2019 at the age of 87, his...

    30 November 23

    Motorist Confesses to Being Intoxicated Prior to Fatal Collision with Woman

    A 21-year-old van driver, Anton Hull, described as "selfish," has been sentenced to six years in jail and a nine-year driving ban after admitting to causing the death of a 29-year-old woman, Sarah Baker. The tragic incident occurred on August 18, 2022, near Wincanton, Somerset, when Hull, who had been drinking rum and lager in a pub, collided with Ms. Baker's Volkswagen. Ms. Baker, who had recently completed her Master's degree and was on her way to Somerset for a weekend getaway after putting in an offer on her first home, lost her life in the crash.


    Despite being refused furthe...

    31 October 23

    Hospital linked to Letby Faces corporate Manslaughter Investigation

    Families who tragically lost babies or had them harmed by Lucy Letby are expressing their approval of the commencement of a corporate manslaughter inquiry at the hospital where Letby committed these horrific acts. The Cheshire Constabulary has confirmed its investigation into the hospital's senior leadership and decision-making processes at the Countess of Chester Hospital (COCH) to ascertain if any criminal wrongdoing occurred.


    This announcement has been met with appreciation by the parents of the infants who were targeted during Letby's employment at the hospital's neonatal unit ...

    29 September 23

    Murder Trial Looms for Suspect in Tragic Stabbing of Beloved 'Babs

    A potential murder trial looms for a suspect who may face proceedings next year following the tragic stabbing of a man described as having an exceptionally generous spirit.


    Matthew Horton, affectionately known as "Babs," lost his life in a harrowing incident that prompted the police to respond to a disturbance at a residential complex on Sefton View in Litherland, late in the evening on Tuesday, September 5. Despite the valiant efforts of emergency services personnel who administered CPR, the 32-year-old succumbed to his injuries at the scene.


    In a court ap...

    30 August 23

    Six postal workers sacked as row brews over tea breaks

    A dispute over tea breaks has led to the dismissal of six postal workers, according to a statement from a union. These employees were among the 11 workers who were suspended from their roles at Prenton Delivery Office in Wirral, Merseyside, back in July. Their suspension stemmed from allegations that they had been enjoying tea and coffee at pubs during their breaks. Out of the initial suspensions, three workers were later reinstated, one received a penalty, and the status of the remaining individual remains unknown, as confirmed by the Communications Workers Union to Birkenhead News.


    Royal Mai...

    28 July 23

    Woman harassing husband whilst watching football, goes to court

    A woman has admitted harassment after repeatedly calling her husband while he was out watching a football match before ringing his friends demanding to know his whereabouts.


    59-year-old Joanne Healey called 60-year-old Steve Healey, her partner of 37 years, numerous times on his mobile while he was watching a Chelsea v Manchester United game at a friend’s house. She became increasingly irate that her husband was ignoring her and began ringing Steve’s friends, John and Debbie Ashworth. She called them repeatedly on their landline demanding he returned home and brought the dog, ...

    29 June 23

    Man lied about injury claim hit by £10,000 legal bill

    Mike Farron, a fraudster, has been ordered to pay a £10,000 legal bill after falsely claiming he injured his ankle due to a pothole and attempting to sue Flintshire council in north-east Wales. Farron alleged that he experienced severe pain as a result of the fall in February 2021 but did not seek medical treatment for the injury.


    He also provided conflicting accounts of the incident, initially stating that it occurred at 6pm while crossing the road near his home, but later claiming it happened at 10am. Flintshire council admitted responsibility for the pothole but contested Farron&...

    30 May 23

    Number of parents being charged for failing to send their children to school doubles in a year

    Under a post-covid crackdown on truancy, the number of parents being charged for failing to send children to school has doubled in less than a year.


    Ministry of Justice (MoJ) figures show that schools and councils are prosecuting 1,700 people a month, which is up from between 700 and 900 a month at the start of 2022. On-the-spot fines (Penalty notices) quadrupled from 45,809 in 2020-21 to 218,235 in 2021-22, with parents paying out find in the region of £12 million.


    Following concerns that children were “lost” to education during the pandemic and ha...

    30 May 23

    Senior executive won compensation for sex discrimination

    A senior executive who was told she could not have a pay rise because her husband already earned “more than enough” has won compensation for sex discrimination.


    It was claimed at an employment tribunal that Jiang Ping’s boss at Sheffield-based James Durrans & Sons thought, “a married woman cannot challenge her salary if her husband is a high earner”.


    Her husband David Armitage, a director at the same company earned up to £270,000. Ms Ping, a senior manager, had earned £65,448 a year plus a £30,000 annual bonus but h...

    30 May 23

    You'll be pleased to hear prices have fallen since the start of the year.

    In the year to March house prices had the biggest annual fall since 2009, according to Nationwide Building Society. But figures from Halifax paint a different picture. The bank said that house prices had gone up 1.6% in a year.


    The housing market still has some momentum and prices have climbed over the past year. But surging mortgage rates and the cost of living crisis have hit household budgets. And the rate of property price growth is now stalling, even falling.


    According to Zoopla, the number of new property sales agreed fell by 28% in the year to December. S...

    30 March 23

    Fan excluded from stadia over hate crimes

    In a legal first for "online hate crimes", a football fan who racially abused a Premier League player has been banned from every ground in the country.


    Antonio Neill sent an abusive message to Brentford striker Ivan Toney in October 2022 and Police began an investigation after he shared it on social media. The message, which was treated as a hate crime, was traced to a suspect who was then living in the North Shields area.


    24-year-old Neill, of Blyth, Northumberland, admitted sending an offensive message when he appeared at Newcastle magistrates’ cour...

    27 February 23

    NHS blunders cost tax payer £150,000 per day

    Figures show that the NHS is compensating two patients a week for lost limbs.


    In the past 5 years, the NHS has paid out £189 million ta a total of 605 patients. These individuals have won legal cases against hospitals claiming that negligent care meant they had to have an amputation. The bill in the past five years has reached £276 million, costing the NHS more than £150,000 daily.


    NHS Resolution statistics show that the average for the loss of an arm, foot, or leg was more than £300,000. There were also 314 successful claims averaging a ...

    31 January 23

    Figures show an increase of 55pc in the demand from buyers

    Figures from Rightmove show demand from buyers returning to the housing market rising by 55pc this month.


    The increase in demand comes amid falling mortgage rates and is compared with the two weeks before Christmas. It is the biggest “new year bounce” since 2016, the property website said.


    Buyer inquiries were also 4 per cent higher than during the same period in 2019, which experts have attributed to mortgage rates increasing confidence among buyers. An average two-year fixed rate mortgage deal has dropped from October's high of 6.65 per cent, down t...

    28 December 22

    Judges will no longer be called ‘sir’ or ‘madam’

    The Lord Chief Justice has announced that in an attempt to keep up with “modern terminology”, Judges will no longer be called “Sir” or “Madam”.


    The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales Lord Burnett of Maldon, and senior president of tribunals, Sir Keith Lindblom, have announced changes concerning modes of address in courts and tribunals.: “The move away from Sir or Madam involves modern and simple terminology, reflecting the important judicial role while maintaining the necessary degree of respect. We also hope this change in language will assist li...