Additional Fees

Additional Work


Charge (inc.vat)

Additional land

Transaction includes an additional piece of land with a separate title


Appointment of Trustee

To appoint an additional trustee


Bridging loan

If you are obtaining bridging finance


Declaration of Trust

If two or more joint owners wish to specify in detail the terms upon which they own the property


Deed of postponement

If there is more than one lender and the lenders require a deed regulating their respective priorities


Discharge of charge/unsecured debts

Our basic price on sales or remortgages includes the discharge of one standard registered charge – each additional registered charge and any unsecured debt that is a condition of your lender to be repaid by us


Discharge of Help to Buy equity loan

If we have to arrange for repayment of a Help to Buy equity loan


Freehold Property with a Management Company/Rent charge

If you are buying, selling or remortgaging a freehold property which has a legal obligation to make contributions to a management company or a rent charge, we will charge for the extra work



Sometimes a separate or collateral guarantee is required


First Registration at the Land Registry

If the property is not yet registered at the Land Registry


Indemnity Insurance

If a standard indemnity insurance policy is required


Key undertaking

Sometimes, the buyer will negotiate access to the property before completion on the strength of a key undertaking


Money transfer

Our estimates generally include all anticipated money transfer charges, this is the fee for any additional money transfers you require


Other conveyancer

If you have a connected transaction and we have to liaise with your other conveyancer



If the property being purchased is being sold by a lender who has repossessed it


Restriction, Caution or Notice

For removing or otherwise dealing with each restriction, notice or caution on a registered title



If we have to arrange for a retention or completion


Second or subsequent charge

If you are borrowing money from more than one lender and each lender requires a mortgage, this is the fee for the second and each subsequent mortgage


Solar panels

If the property has solar panels


Statutory Declaration/Statement of Truth

If a statutory declaration or statement of truth has to be prepared or approved by us


Tenanted property

If the property is tenanted, this is the price for each tenancy agreement we have to consider


Third Party Family Lawyer Fee

If you are going through a divorce, separation or other family proceedings and we have to liaise with a family lawyer


Contentious Sale

If a sale involves contention between disputing parties