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When a close friend or relative dies you may need to apply for a "Grant of Probate" to confirm you are legally appointed in the will (The Executor) or if there is no will (The Administrator) to handle the administration of the estate.


The responsibility of dealing with probate and estate administration can be a very stressful, at an already distressing time.


Our private client team have made hundreds of probate applications and have administered many estates both straight forward and complex.


Gathering details of the deceased persons assets, such as property, savings accounts and stocks and shares is necessary. Details of all debts, mortgages and other liabilities is also required. Sales of property and shares may have to be arranged as will deductions for the funeral and other expenses. Many people don't fully understand that as executor of an estate you are financially liable for any errors you make. Missing out a beneficiary, for example, would mean you would have to put right the mistake from your own pocket.


Using our Liverpool team to apply for probate and the subsequent administration of the estate is the most responsible way you can fulfil your duty.


The costs involved in probate and estate administration vary greatly and depend on the complexities of each case. The team at Kennan Kay & Co are always happy to discuss the costs and supply a fee estimate based on your personal requirements and the level of service you need. Please Note: Our fees for a non-complex application for a Grant of Representation are £500 plus vat of £100 and court fees are £273 Totalling £873.


Further information is available from the The Law Society website from this link with regards to Probate & Estate Administration.


Here are some of the most common questions asked about Probate & Estate Administration. If we have not answered your particular question, Please contact us using the form opposite or call 0151 934 1410, We are here to help.



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